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Posted on 04/10/18

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BEST the top-ranking top works from the CK DOWNLOAD site in 2 sets!
TOP 13 of the part delivered from DVD works was released as a uncut!
Popular models such as coming, Wa, Hiragodo, Kyosuke, Taku, Kengen, Ami, Tsuyoshi appear in succession!
A popular piece of all 13 parts, 6 hours 20 minutes are obtained at once in a DVD!

[DISC 1]
13位. 超イケメンバスケ少年18才、俺様オラオラ責めで女に貪りつく!【ANOTHER VERSION 66 -01】
12位. Number 23・180cm野球部18才、「気持ちいい」連呼で飛沫射精&2m超潮吹き!【フェラ三昧 38 -07】
11位. ケガをした健成が受ける病院での羞恥。見舞いに来た大志とともに卓の脅迫が…!【Babylon 61 -01】
10位. 挿れてすぐ暴発!剛毅、ムチケツピストンで駅弁までかます2回発射!【ANOTHER VERSION 63 -01】
9位. 特別企画『イッてはいけない!』 柊斗VS恭介VS爽やか21歳!【Funky Innovation 7 -07】
8位. 硬派レスリング部・剛毅18才、ムクムク反り勃つズル剥け美チンが寸止め地獄に暴発射精!【フェラ三昧 36 -07】

[DISC 2]
7th. Number 22 Long big cock swimmer takes over as a super de S! Spit it with anger ‘s words blame! [ROCK BULL FIVE – 03]
6th. Fresh football boy 18 years old, a super fast manequin Many times erotic erotic and meat pistol meat diet SEX! 【ANOTHER VERSION 64 – 03】
5th place sanctions against the Japanese watching the girls’ changing room. A metamorphotic teacher dick who runs away in the staff room gets into the anal of Wa …. 【TRAP HOLE 01 – 05】
4th. Ikiri ‘s ecstatic sudden blowjob crying out the cock of goggles who blowjob dramatically, unexpectedly accidentally leaked … and … …! [Fellatio
3 – 35 – 09] 3rd. In the preliminary negotiation, Riemann who refused stubborn shooting naked, ending the impact of anyone imaginable! 【The Negotiation 15 The Series 20 – 01】
2nd place. Do Big Basketball 18 Years old Uke! The deck’s mouth is too deca and a woman on top! 【POWER GRIP 171 – 08】
1st. Voyeuristic AV interview interview for a swimming department who is too sensitive and can not play gamans · 21 year old college student! 【Maniac 22 SPY CAM – 02】


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